I believe in a better day, a day of peace, unity and love!

Dear family and friends!

First, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who’ve already supported my peace documentary entitled ‘Broken Wings’ by donating and sharing my crowd funding campaign; and most of all for joining this important cause of transformation, healing, bridging the gap and creating peace and unity; not only between Israeli and Palestinians but the world as a whole.

I have been anticipating to update you all on the progress of my peace documentary and musical project ‘Broken Wings’ and let you know that I’m gearing up to release the soundtrack of the documentary, also entitled ‘Broken Wings.’ I can’t wait to share this powerful and inspiring song with all of you. The single will feature the Palestinian artist and Oud player Naser Musa. I shot the single cover few days ago and the visual will be as powerful as the music and its inspiring message.

13396565_10153740480981985_637650328_oEven before I started this peace documentary/musical project, I had a clear understanding of the essence of peace. Personally, I experienced the consequences of lack of peace. Growing up in a war-torn region, my experience of fears, scars and insecurities is not new. A broken reality, with a broken home and broken dreams. However, this did not put me down. I kept thinking about all the things that give me hope; my escape was writing, singing and visualizing a better future. My dreams kept me alive. I wanted to use my dreams, my gifts and visions in life to regain the sense of security and freedom as a human being, a woman, and an artist and share it out with the whole world. Therefore, through the project, I aspire to touch on complex conflicts that many people before me have documented, aside the Palestinian-Israeli conflict perspective. My passion for humanity coupled with my experience of the violence, fear and hate and the deep search for individual and collective peace drives me towards the mission for peace.

For a fact, the conflict affects all of us, regardless of where we live, our cultural differences, religion or social class. As the tension, violence and terror attacks in Israel and around the world escalate, it’s easy to lose hope in peace, coexistence and bridge building. Nevertheless, as we experience the wave of emotions due to fear, hate, pain, despair and death of the innocent, it’s crucial for us to stay strong, united and focused on the goal and mission of peace and healing. In times like these, we ought to keep our hearts and mind open and inspire one another. We should shine our lights even brighter and stronger without despair, because that’s the only thing that can overcome darkness; The light, our inner light.

Indeed, our only strength against violence is combining efforts against it to make the world a better place. It begins with you and me. Even though the process of conflict resolution in the Middle East is going to be a gradual process, I believe that by creating non-violent solutions it can lead to a better future. Collaborative efforts not only from our leaders, government, education system and media but also from the society as a whole, facilitates peace. Peace cannot be achieved through hate, fear, and separation, pointing fingers, lack of trust or revenge. Instead, the efforts should be channeled towards the unresolved issues. A society with poisoned mind keeps on producing and experiencing the same feelings and emotions; having a victim mindset mentality, which only gives us stagnation.

Nevertheless, it’s our duty to contribute to peace building in any way we can, no matter how small or big is the contribution. Additionally, we have the mandate to challenge ourselves in the creation of personal peace and happiness in own lives as a start toward achievement of peace. Through the initiative we lead by example, knowing that we can change our lives by creating new life circumstances and realities. Everything begins and ends with our belief system, mindset, energy and the actions we choose. It impacts on our lives and lives of others forever. Peace is an inside job. Our ability to heal, let go of the past, fears, limitations, our negativity emotions and thoughts patterns, all can be some of the major keys to creating peace and healthier, happier and compassionate society. Let’s decide today to bring that inner peace, self-love, wisdom, compassion and love to everything we do and everyone that we meet. Let’s honor our differences, love our imperfections and use our uniqueness and creativity to create mindful and meaningful interactions with one another and memorable and life changing experiences.

Please join the Peace Warriors movement by sharing this crowd-funding page and donating anything you can, for my peace documentary. It’s our birthright to be happy, safe, loved, understood, protected and recognized for who we truly are. Time has come when we should put on magnifying glasses to visualize this bright light of humanity instead of the darkness, war, and distraction that separates us from one another. We should once again strive to dream and fly. The choice is in our hands.

Love you all
Sima Galanti