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Help SIMA raise awareness for this beautiful peace project

Dear friends,

I wanted to reach out and share this special and important musical project/peace documentary that I’m currently working on and have been developing for over a year now.

This project started when I wrote a song called “Broken Wings.” I wrote this song to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians and bring hope and inspiration to the new generation in Israel and around the world. While I was looking to find a Palestinian artist to collaborate with me on the song, I decided to also create a documentary. I was facing so many obstacles in the process of making this dream/song. Being in the middle of a war, a never ending conflict between warring countries promoting hate, fear and instilling a radical belief system of ignorance around the situation. The film will also take you on a journey of discovering humanity; compassion, love, fear, overcoming life obstacles, and exploring the radical belief system that separates humanity as a whole. The crisis in the Middle East effects everyone’s life and has a domino effect on all of us.

After taking this Journey all the way back to Israel, to my homeland, my hometown and visiting some harsh truths about my past, my life and exploring the reality in Israel, the pain, fear and suffering among the people, I realize that the country and its people have such strong needs for hope, healing, change, trust, love, revolution, leadership and real friendships. As the world becomes more tense and violent and fear controls and separates society, we need to create social justice and wholeness by focusing on the notion that we are all one, by teaching the virtue of loving thy neighbor to our children and promote these higher virtues and bring about healing, unity, love, harmony, and peace on our beloved planet through the healing powers of love, music, and all arts.

I want this project to give a strong sense of hope, explore the human condition and put people in their heart space, so they can feel more than just analyze and take sides. The film will also raise questions regarding music and its place in healing the world, as well as the healing powers of our individual lives.

I feel a really deep and strong need to tell my story and the story of ‘Broken Wings’ to the world. I want to bring hope and inspiration to some dark places that are in strong need of light.


Take a look of the teaser for my documentary here:


Broken Wings Documentary

Please take a moment to the check out the trailer for Sima peace documentary called “Broken Wings” on her crowd funding page and help raise awareness for this beautiful peace project


‘Broken Wings’ Documentary Teaser from Sima Sangeeta on Vimeo.




Adele -Hello (Cover By SIMA)

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My interview with the spiritual master Guru Singh for the peace documentary ‘Broken Wings’

Click here to check out  My interview with the spiritual master Guru Singh for the peace documentary ‘Broken Wings   

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Much love and light.

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Broken Wings Campaign


Hi everyone.

I’m currently working on a very special project that means the world to me. This project started when I wrote a song called “Broken Wings”. I wrote this song to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians and bring hope and inspiration to the new generation.

While I was looking to find a Palestinian artist to collaborate with me on the song I decided to also create a documentary. I was facing so many obstacles in a process of making this dream/song happen in the middle of a war, a never ending conflict between warring countries promoting hate, fear and instilling a radical belief system of ignorance around the situation.I felt an undeniable sense of commitment to something so deep that was rising from the depth of my soul.  I believe it’s my duty as artist, a human being and a spiritual being to dig deep and explore who I truly am. To discover what I want to see in my life and the world. I want to educate, inspire, and spread healing and positive messages to uplift people to a beautiful place of love.

When I heard about Naser Musa, an amazing Oud player who lives here in LA, I contacted him and decided to go on a journey to meet him and ask him to be a part of my vision.

This documentary will take you on the journey I took to make my dreams come true. This film will show how life’s circumstances and growing up in that reality of hate, fear and distrust can affect a person life, especially a young child.The film also will take you on a journey of discovering humanity; compassion, love, fear, overcoming life obstacles, and exploring the radical believe system that separates humanity as a whole and how the crisis in the Middle East effects everyone lives and have a domino effect on all of us. The film will also raise questions regarding music and its place in healing the world as well as healing our individual lives and past.

I believe that I did as much as I can on my own finishing the single and starting the documentary but to complete the full record and the documentary I need your help and support to raise $50,000. So I can hire right team of people to help me deliver an amazing and inspiring project.  Click on my Go Fund Me page and donate, share and help a great cause.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on for so long with all of you who have supported me throughout my music journey for many years. You’ve become my friends and my family and I can’t wait to finally meet some of you in person on day.

Thank you so much for your love and support.








Broken Wings – Peace project Documentary teaser

Jerusalem/ By Sima Galanti




Even if the world is constantly moving and changing, some things in life are not meant to change. They are here to remind us of our history, to help us never to forget who we are and where we came from. This is exactly how I feel when I go home.

      Last year, like every year around springtime, I traveled to visit my family in Israel. Even if I been born and raised there, there would always be something special to discover and learn.

            As I grow spiritually, and become more connected and content with whom I am, I appreciate the uniqueness of my homeland. I am able to have authentic experiences every time I travel around the country.

            While I am there, one of my favorite places to visit is the capital of Israel, the Old City of Jerusalem. It is the oldest city in the world. When you visit there, you immediately feel the holiness and history in every corner and part of the city walls.

            Jerusalem has always had a special place in my heart. It makes me feel grounded, helps me to put things in perspective, especially when I return to my life in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, it is easy to feel disconnected, shallow, and out of touch with reality.

            I came to the U.S. on my own and built a life. Looking back on my journey, I can see the strength I gained throughout the years. I see a part of myself now as Jerusalem. I am just like the Old City. My own soul and heart have been broken, time and again conquered, defeated, destroyed, surrounded by walls, never-ending fights and turmoil. Even then, never willing to give up and lose hope and faith: still standing strong, glories surrounded by grace and guidance.

            Called the “City of Peace”, Jerusalem is a mecca, the heart of the world. No wonder it attracts people of every color, religion, and race. A mecca that brings people together to find something greater than hate and separation. A place that for generations has brought us to unveil what is in our hearts: God, peace and love.

            I have been visiting the western wall, the Kotel also called the Wailing Wall. Since I was a young girl, is the most significant and holiest site in the world for the Jewish people. It’s located at the Jewish Quarter. It is the last remnant of Herod’s temple and it’s on the western side of the Temple Mount, which has remained intact since the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple.

Jews people from around the world gather here to pray to god. Many people write their wishes; hopes and desirer on piece of paper and place it in cracks of the holly walls.

            I said bye to my brother Shay, as I walked to the woman division on the right side of the total, while my brother walked to the other side where all the man gathered to pray.

            I covered my head before I entered the kotel and immediately felt a shift in the energy all around me, bliss that burst from my heart, a strong sense of honor and sacredness. When King Solomon dedicated the First Jewish Temple, God said His eyes and heart would always be there and truly felt it.

            I pressed my hand into those sacred walls and felt a strong vibration in my hand, I pressed my head and my third eye to the wall and gave my prayer to god along with all my fears, my heart desires and hopes. I left it all in god hands.

            I prayed for my love once and my friends in Israel, my friends back in NYC and LA. I prayed for healing and for peace in my life and Israel and peace around the world.

I left the note I wrote for god between the cracks of the holly wall with the thousands of other people prayers and start walking back words still facing the wall all the way to the exit, it’s a part of the tradition to never give your back to such an holly place.

            There is no other city in the world that is filled with incredible historical stories, ancient buildings and sacred atmosphere that surrounds the holy sites of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. There is no other place so special, vibrant, spiritual, powerful and full of conflicts and diversity like this place.

            Jerusalem has 1200 synagogues, more than 150 churches and more than 70 mosques.

It is a city with a fascinating blend of sights, sounds smells, and colors.

I get euphoric walking around the narrow streets alleyways. The streets always so crowded with tourists from all over the world. You can hear so many different languages all around from Hebrew, Arabic, English, Japanese, Italian, Russian and many more. People walking around taking photos and videos to capture each and every moment.

            You can find anything in the Arabic market, with vendors ready to bargain with you. You need to be ready to bargain to get the best prices. Colorful, traditional Arabic Keffiyeh cloths hang everywhere; hats, belly-dancer outfits, Kashmir scarfs in rainbows of color, vintage cloths, T-shirts of the Israeli flag, and IDF logos, and beautiful silver jewelry with the traditional hamsa symbol, which represents protection from the evil eye, necklaces with the Jewish star and handmade cups and plates with the word shalom painted on them, and hookahs in different sizes and colors. You can find leather biblical sandals and bags, small little wooden camels as souvenirs, statues of Jesus and Mother Mary, rosaries, candles, oils, and holy water.

            Fresh fish and meat market, colorful fruit of and vegetables from local Arabic man and woman grown by the locals. Fresh pomegranate juice squeezed right in front of you. Delicious and colorful trays of traditional sweets. The smell of the fresh baked long bagels with sesame seeds and Za’atar. Za’atar is one of my favorite spice and it is used a lot in Israeli and Arabic cooking and was mentioned since the days of King Solomon. Tables of colorful spices and herbs for sale from Cumin to Saffron, falafel spice and paprika.

            Young soldiers and police standing around, some walking around the market, wearing army uniform and holding M16 and ready to anything, or anyone that might instigate hostility and violate the peace and the holiness of place. One soldier, a girl standing with a group of other soldiers caught my eye, she was exquisite with olive skin and a big smile and even with the army combat uniform, the big M16 she was holding she looked so delicate, she reminds me my self when I was 18 serving in the army. I approached the young soldiers and asked to take a photo with them. I was just like them, once, wearing the same uniform and still it feels like it was a lifetime ago.

            Shay and I kept on exploring the streets and the markets. When we heard the sound of the Church’s bells, muezzins call Muslims to prayer, we passed by rabbis on their way to services at the Western Wall, Christian pilgrims proceeding to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Roman Catholic priests and imams that were walking by. Then we found a small and unique Arabic coffee place and decided to walk in.

            Musa’s coffee place in the old city is not your typical coffee place. There is no soymilk, coconut milk, 2% milk, skim milk, or Splenda, raw sugar, or even honey; and there are no fancy coffee makers and steamers to make different types of fancy coffee drinks.

            Musaserves his guests traditional Arabic coffee, and sweet fresh mint tea while they sit and smoke hookah. Musa coffee place has been around for 300 hundred years. It was belong to he’s grandpa who died long time ago and passed it to Musa’s dad and he passed the tradition to he’s son Musa. It is no wonder that coffee holds such a central place in Arabic and Israeli culture, as coffee originated in the Middle East.

            My brother and I ordered coffee and a hookah and sat with all the other men. I was the only woman around. All the others, Arabic, Palestinian men who came to spend the afternoon unwinding, drinking coffee, or tea and smoking, This is the daily afternoon ritual and a tradition repeated all over the Middle East.

            Musa was standing by the old stove heating the water in a small metal pot waiting for the right moment to spoon in the mounding spoonful’s of coffee.  Then he stirs the boiling coffee down, and lifts the pot, stirring again, then returns to the pot to the flame. It’s a little dance, to boil the coffee without overflowing the pot and its takes skills and practice.

            The room filled with the rich smell of coffee scented with the sweet aroma touch of cardamom. Musa poured the coffee in the little traditional cups and serves it on a golden metal tray and places it on a small table right in front of us. He placed the hookah on the floor and lights the Tabaco and smile at us.

            I looked around and was amazed by how old this place was, it was caved in the walls of the streets of the market. It looks like Musa never renovated this place, or painted it once; he kept it just the way it was giving to him by he’s father. Musa was kind enough to show me the old photos of his grandpa and father that were in hanging on the wall. I could just see his grandfather and his father standing right by the stove, making their delicious coffee with the same dedication as Musa.

            I looked up at the old ceiling of the open kitchen space where Nusa was making the coffee, it was black from the heat of the stove from years of boiling coffee and water for tea .The wooden shelve on the wall was covered with many hookahs in different colors. I couldn’t help noticing the palms of he’s hands just like the ceiling they were pitch black and I was wondering if it’s dirt? Musa noticed my curious look and said it’s not washable and it becomes the color of his skin from the many years of making coffee and touching the Tabacco.

            I told Musa that I’m leaving Israel the next day to return to L.A., I don’t even think he knew where L.A. was. I thanked him and promised to come back on my next trip to Israel.

            As I walked with my brother out of the gates of the old city towards the car, the new and modern world was more visible once again, I took a look behind me at the beautiful walls lighted by golden lights and my eyes started tearing up. It never gets easy leaving behind such a special place, and at the same time part of myself; even while I know it will always be with me inside of my heart.

            After a long heart-breaking goodbye from my family and friends, and then a 12-hour long flight back to L.A. I finally landed at LAX airport. I walked into Starbucks to get my drip American coffee that was brewed in a fancy coffee machine, with my coconut milk and agave in it. I knew there is a world out there and that things will always stay the same. Just like history, it is always there to remind us where it all started, who we are and where we had come from. Even the small things, like having a cup of coffee originally involved a long tradition of coffee ritual. As I closed my eyes I saw Musa standing and smiling at me. I could smell the sweet aroma of his coffee with the light scent of cardamom. Until next time Musa, I said. Until next time.