Check out the Jewish Telegraph and lean more about SIMA life story, new release ‘Head Over Heels’ and her peace documentary “Broken Wings”.

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“A few soft piano notes, and a whispering voice that harmonizes a story are elements present in SIMA’s new single “Will You Find Me”. Her recent EP demonstrates the qualities inherent in her musical styling. Fierce vocals, deep songwriting and high quality instrumentation.”

– Vincent Ronquillo


“You’ve Never heard or met a soul,story,woman or artist, quite like Sima. I can guarantee it. If beauty,will, passion and genuineness could ever be a recipe, you’d get something that tastes a little like Sima Galanti; an Israeli rock artist working her way to the top, and with quite a message&story to tell.”

– Leondra James, ALTERNATIVE REVOLT™ MAGAZINE (Dec 01, 2011)


“With a powerful message of hope, singer/songwriter Sima is making her musical debut with the release of “This Is My Truth”. Read more: HERE

– iheart Radio/Clear Channel, iheart radio

“As a sucker for girl singers and strong females, Sima and her music blew me away. Not only is she a strong woman who has gone through a lot to achieve her dream, but she worked on every inch of her CD, from writing to helping in the production”.

– Raewyn Smith, Hollywood Magazine (Apr 30, 2012)




Check out Sima’s interview with Alt Revolt Magazine HERE



December 7th 2013 – Courage, Strength, Determination and an Intimate Personal Story are some of the factors that drew me to SIMA’s music.

SIMA is an artist from Los Angeles who I recently saw perform at BMI’s acoustic showcase at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles. Her three acoustic piano performances were powerful, fierce, provocative, full of pain and courage. I could see that her singing was raw and natural.

Hence, I wondered…what hidden truth does she hide that causes her to sing with so much passion?

And then my question was answered.

She explained that she was born and raised in Israel and began singing as a little girl. Her passion for music led her to come to  the United States and pursue her dream of a music career. Not knowing anyone she arrived in New York City and later moved to Los Angeles. Finally, she said how her upbringing in Israel shaped her as an artist.

As she began to sing her third song I could now see why she sang with a heavy yet passionate heart. Her experience growing up in Israel shaped the fierce yet beautiful tone and strength of her voice. SIMA wants to be heard, she wants you to know that she has a story to tell.

Interestingly enough before the BMI acoustic show began a young lady asked me  “Is it ok to film?” but it seems I heard wrong   because what she really said was something like “Can you film?”.

And so I did,  I filmed that young lady’s three song performance on her cellphone.

Little di I know that young lady was SIMA.

I highly recommend her music.

– Vincent Ronquillo/ My Life In Music

It’s not a secret that moving to major American cities such as LA or New York is a good way to jump start a career in music. For countless musicians, these moves were what credited most to their success. For Sima, this meant leaving behind a whole life in Israel in that pursuit. With an alternative rock influenced sound similar to that of Evanescence, Sima has released a few EPs that showcase her style as a singer. Her most recent EP Beautiful Liar shows her continued growth as a singer and songwriter.

Alone With You, the first song on Beautiful Liar, gets right into things with its straight ahead rock sound. The melodies are impressive and the blended sounds of multiple guitars and keyboards playing subtly behind the heavy beat of the song make for a unique texture that already makes Beautiful Liar stand out right off the bat.

~Phil Lisotti – Rock Review Phil